Who are we

Farpedra, the reference in natural stone of Moleanos and Ataíja.

Farpedra is a Portuguese company of the Natural Stone sector with a strong international projection that is dedicated to the exploration of ornamental limestones in the Maciço Calcário Estremenho, in the municipality of Alcobaça.

Founded in 1981, this company of the Farto Henriques Family was created with the experience already held by its founder in the extraction and commercialization of limestones, now owning four quarries under the management of the second generation of this family.

Farpedra has a high production capacity of several natural stones that have an inestimable prestige capable of satisfying the most demanding national and international markets. For its excellence, we highlight the legitimate Moleanos Gascogne Blue and Moleanos Gascogne Beige, among other new Moleanos stone varieties, as well as the Ataíja Azul and Ataíja Creme and Moca-Creme.

A leader in the implementation of innovative technological solutions and the creation of value in its activity, Farpedra is a future-oriented company, constantly betting on the training of its employees and the use of modern, high-security work equipment.

We pride ourselves on being the world reference in natural stone of Moleanos and Ataíja.

Vision and Mission


We want to be leaders among the players in the global limestone market, with a strong export component of our natural stones


Our mission is the extraction and transformation of ornamental limestone, anchored in a quality standard of excellence, fully satisfying the commitments agreed with our clients, and acting permanently with absolute respect for the environment and people, always seeking to add more value in our contributing to the economic and social development of the local community.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Long-lasting relationships
  • Responsible ambition
  • Respect for the environment and community
  • We are a family-oriented company for the future!