Our own quarries

Farpedra has been in the business of the extraction of natural stone for more than 50 years, exploiting several quarries in the Massif Calcário Estremenho. We have always excelled in offering our customers ornamental stones of high quality and high production capacity for large projects.

We mastered the art of extracting stone, accumulated an invaluable experience and we carry the energy and motivation of the first day, to bring to our customers the best ornamental limestones you can find in Portugal.
  • Know-How
  • Qualidade
  • Segurança
  • Ambiente
  • Moleanos Quarry

    This is the quarry of the true Moleanos Gascogne limestone, in its blue and beige tonalities, which gave the Farpedra worldwide projection. At present of this quarry, that already reaches more than 40 m of depth, already they are extracted more than twelve distinct masses of limestones. Asset 2 Annual Extraction · 12.000 m3
  • Ataíja Quarry

    In Ataíja we have the quarry with the largest production capacity of this stone, from where we extracted the stones Ataíja Creme and Ataíja Azul, as well as the Ataíja bicolor that captivates each time our customers. Asset 2 Annual Extraction · 5.000 m3
  • Moca Quarry

    In the core of the Moca we have quarry of this natural stone, from where we started the Moca variety of medium grain. Asset 2 Annual Extraction · 5.000 m3
  • Salgueira Quarry

    At the top of the Serra dos Candeeiros, we have the quarry of semi-rijo Branco do Mar in Salgueira, which is distinguished by its quality. Asset 2 Annual Extraction · 1.500 m3