Cookie Policy

What they are and how they work?

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer or mobile device, via your web browser (browser), which stores them in a file folder. Each stored cookie is unique and contains anonymous information consisting of an identifier, the web page name and an alphanumeric code.

Cookies collect general information related to user preferences for example, the way they use the page or area of the country where they do, etc., allowing the system to remember characteristics or browsing preferences from previous sessions. Whenever we return to visit our web page, your browser reads the cookie and forwards the information back to us.

These cookies are not invasive or harmful, and do not contain personal information.

If your internet browser is set to accept cookies, we consider that you accept our cookies policy.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies we to provide the user a more enjoyable experience.
Cookies have different functions:

Basic functions

These cookies are essential for the implementation of our website and are essential to provide you with a flawless experience as they let you browse without interruption. They also enable the use of our basic features or applications, such as access to areas through login page with a secure authentication.


These cookies allow us to monitor the performance of our website by analysing users behaviour.
We can quickly identify and correct any problem by providing continuously a high quality experience and an ever custom quote.
These cookies never collect personal information since they are used only for the purpose of statistical analysis.


These cookies help us to make more personalized and compelling content .
Based on your use of our website, our site uses these cookies to identify your preferences and highlight items or services we think may be of interest.


Targeting cookies are designed to allow the user to share preferences in social networks like Facebbok and Twitter. They also allow you to send information to other web pages to customize the advertising that is displayed.

How do I manage cookies?

At any time the user can, through your browser, choose to be notified of the receipt of cookies and restrict or even block, the respective entry of these on your system.
Most areas of our website work without cookies, however, its restriction or blockage, can lead to difficulties of access to some of our features or information.

If you delete cookies from your browser, you may need to install the refused cookies again.

If you have difficulties, see the Help menu of your browser and will know how to proceed.

To learn more about these technologies and how they work, see for example